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  • 11 May, 2016 – Fruitful demo event of COMBO European project after 7 weeks of experiments in Lannion

COMBOThe COMBO consortium organized a public demo event on 28th April 2016 at the premises of Pôle Images & Réseaux in Lannion, France.


Key transport and functional enablers of fixed mobile network integration have been shown in 5 booths in a fully converged environment built around the NG-POP (Next-Generation Point-of-Presence) concept.

combo-team-at-lannion-demo-eventThe demonstration featured improved multi-access user experience enabled by advanced virtualized network functions such as universal authentication, universal data path management and reactive content distribution. Also, distributed and centralized NG-POP scenarios have been illustrated, supported by an integrated wavelength-based optical infrastructure through an 18-km fibre ring around Lannion. This demo event fully reached its technical and dissemination objectives, with fruitful experimental results and about 40 external visitors. The various booths shown at this demo event have also been video-recorded, so as to allow further dissemination of COMBO experimental outcomes and vision on integration of fixed and mobile networks for 5G architecture. Post-processed videos of the demo event will be ready in June 2016.

  • 01 September, 2015 – FORENSOR project Kick-off

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 14.54.23

 JCP-C takes part in the launch of a new project, called FOREnsic evidence gathering autonomous seNSOR (FORENSOR), where 10 different partners will develop and validate a novel, ultra-low-power, intelligent, miniaturised, low-cost, wireless, autonomous sensor for evidence gathering.


Its ultra-sensitive camera and built-in intelligence will allow it to operate at remote locations, automatically identify pre-defined criminal events, and alert LEAs in real time while providing and storing the relevant video, location and timing evidence. FORENSOR will be able to operate for up to two months with no additional infrastructure. It will be manageable remotely, preserve the availability and the integrity of the collected evidence, and comply with all legal and ethical standards, in particular those related to privacy and personal data protection. The combination of built-in intelligence with ultra-low power consumption could help LEAs take the next step in fighting severe crimes.

 Website: not available yet, but see the EU’s page for now.


  • 01 July, 2015 – CHARISMA project Kick-off

CHARISMA-logo_2JCP-C is proud to present the CHARISMA project, officially launched on the 7th of July, 2015.


The project gathers 13 partners from across the EU, with an aim of proposing an intelligent hierarchical routing and paravirtualised architecture that unites two important concepts: devolved offload with shortest path nearest to end-users and an end-to-end security service chain via virtualized open access physical layer security (PLS).

The CHARISMA architecture meets the goals of low-latency (<1ms) and security required for future converged wireless/wireline advanced 5G networking. This provides a cloud infrastructure platform with increased spectral and energy efficiency and enhanced performance targeting the identified needs for 1000-fold increased mobile data volume, 10-100 times higher data rates, 10-100 times more connected devices and 5x reduced latency.


  • 01-03 April, 2015 – WorldCIST, Azores, Portugal

wCIST15 Zhe@wCIST15

JCP-C’s Dr.Zhe Li participated at the WorldCIST event in Portugal, a global forum for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, results, experiences and concerns in the several perspectives of Information System and Technologies. The aim to participate WorldCIST was to disseminate the research and development works supported by our very own CAMION project. From the presentations and discussions in the event, we can conclude that the BigData analysis, Software defined systems and the Cloud based IoT services are the main streams of research in the ICT domain.

  • 12 March, 2015 – E-Lettre API

la_elettreThe March issue of the E-Lettre API, publisher of proprietary information which provides quick access to projects, investments, strategies, results, mergers and acquisitions, new leaders, reorganizations, etc. business and economic actors of Brittany and Pays de la Loire in France:

Engineering: JCP-Connect wants to raise € 1 million
JCP-Connect is seeking to raise € 1 million in 2016. A first operation of its kind for the Rennes based SME, specializing in R&D and product development in the field of networks. The goal? Accompanied industrialization and commercial deployment worldwide of a range of routers and servers for the multimedia content industry. This offer represents a change of activity for the SME. Founded in 2012, it was initially positioned on technology consulting and support in mounting of European projects. “We started our R&D activity in 2005 with the development of IP voice compression solution to reduce bandwidth requirements, completed in 2009,” says Jean-Charles Point, the president of JCP-Connect . Since 2010, the SME is interested in caching data, that is to say on the fly data storage on mobile-server routers.

Three global markets
A beta version of the mobile router will be completed in late March. Product testing on sites will be conducted before an expected commercial launch in fall 2015. Several markets are targeted. “In the market of events, where multiple users connect simultaneously, our solution reduces the saturation of the number of connections and increasing rates of connection. Stored on a server on the fly, content downloaded by a user can be accessed by others”. Also targeted is the market for telecom operators, for which JCP-Connect works with FON, as well as the market in public transport.

Embedding theTechnological Research Institute of B-Com
JCP-Connect has ten employees, of which eight are based in Rennes. “We always have a person in Brussels to manage the business of consulting for European projects”. Three hires are planned in 2015 to support the commercial deployment of the mobile routers. In early January, the SME has joined the TRI B-Com, through the economic interest group dedicated to SMEs. By joining this ecosystem, JCP-Connect intends to extend the scope of its developments. One of the SMEs engineers is attached to a B-Com project on “networks and security” conducted by the laboratory “network architecture” of the IRT. A second engineer will soon join the team.