JCP-Connect is dedicated to its clients. We want to help and assist you with your R&D activities and projects through a cutting edge expertise.

Five domains are key to JCP-Connect’s consulting activities:

  • Set-up and management of collaborative projects: as a result of a long-term and deep experience with the European Commission, JCP-Connect can help you from the very start of your idea, building up a project until its final form and coordination in all its aspects. More here
  • Technical consulting and training: cutting edge expertise and skills allow JCP-Connect to help you on topics ranging from bandwidth access to multimedia and thus to guide you in the different stages of the development of your project or product. JCP-Connect is also, since 2006, able to deliver technical training on many up-to date topics in telecommunication and related domains (specifically broadband access and digital television). More here
  • Standardisation: the same expertise allows JCP-Connect to provide consulting at all levels for a crucial step of the development of a new product, its standardisation. Our experience in 3GPP, DVB, ETSI, and IETF guarantee an unmatched quality toward the best normalisation of your products. More here
  • Strategy/business modeling: JCP-Connect business modeling activity originates from European projects. Indeed, JCP-Connect used its expertise in many European Projects in Business Model such as OASE and COMBO which are integrated projects gathering more than 10 partners. Internally, the company also develops its own business models for its new activities and plans to provide consulting activity on business model to other companies. More here
  • Legal consulting: through its activities, JCP-Connect has also been able to develop legal consulting activities, including “make or buy” analyses, patents analyses, technology assets, etc. More here


To summarize, you might benefit from one of our expertises, but we can discuss with you  a complementary offer with a gradual involvement of our part or with a direct full approach on several topics. A tailored approached for your needs.