Technical Consulting and Training

JCP-Connect can provide three main services:

  • Technology & software licensing: « Make or Buy » analysis, licensing and partnership negotiation, licensing agreement elaboration for marketed technologies.
  • Technology portfolio management: Clients’ requirements study and analysis, technology ecosystem analysis and modeling, technology strategy plan definition and implementation support and technology  planning  contributions as well as licensing policy.
  • Support to Intellectual Property protection: Potential patent applications identification, patents application elaboration, patent portfolio management (maintenance and costs optimization)


Since 2006, JCP-Connect is also a certified training centre in many domains, such as:

  • Robust Header Compression
  • MS – IP Multimedia Subsystem
  • Technologies SIP
  • Video Compression, MPEG2, MPEG4, MPEG21
  • DOCSIS Packet Cable
  • Mistakes Correction Techniques
  • Video Transport on IP
  • Voice Architectures on IP
  • Cable technologies
  • Wifi Bandwith
  • Collaborative projects set-up

Some references for the technical training:

  • TDF : Training on Mobile TV standards;  benchmarking on CAS / OMA-DRM: TDF : training on scalable video; coding
  • Iwedia, Streamezzo : training on mobile TV (DVB-CBMS)
  • Arris Interactive : training on audiovisual in general (standards,  architecture, products evolution)
  • Numerous training on data and IP header compression
  • Numerous trainings (bi-quarterly) on European projects