March 20, 2018

We are proud to announce that JCP-Connect was selected by the European Commission Innovation radar as provider of « Excellent Innovations » !!

JCP-Connect was officially recognised as « key innovator » by independant reviewers, under a method determined by the Joint research Center of European Commission. 2 innovations were highlighted:

Innovation Title: A novel Edge router-processor for content caching in wireless mesh and mobile networks
– Innovation Category: Exploration
– Developed in H2020 project CHARISMA

Innovation Title: Caching as a service
– Innovation Category: Commitment
– Developed in FP7 project COMBO

 March 10, 2018

JCP-Connect selected in the inout programme in Rennes:

JCP-Connect, together with Eutelsat, FON and INRIA was selected to make an experimentation of content delivery in buses in Rennes, operated by Keolis. Multimodal access will be possible (satellite, 4G and Wifi). A web portal will also allow the users to navigate through local content…

The main purpose of the pilot will be to evaluate the gain provided by caching, and also to understand the new behavior of users…

February 28, 2018

JCP-Connect made a pilot to experiment the benefits of content caching in transport system, together is APFutura, In Centelles, Spain..

Ap Futura and JCP-Connect performed experiments to evaluate the benefit of caching, especially the advanatge of wifi offload, which allows to spare the 4G connection… A video of that experiment will be available soon!