JCP-Connect is developing a portfolio of caching products for efficient content distribution and optimization of bandwidth in existing and future communication networks. The portfolio currently consists of MoBcache* router-server which can be deployed in a mesh network in stationary and mobile use cases. The MoBcache system consists of the MoBcache software, the MoBcache router-server, a Cache controller appliance and a desktop application for managing the routers – the MoBcache manager. Learn more about the advantages of MoBcache in fixed and mobile scenarios.

Cache Gateway is our effort towards virtualizing the cache and entering in the 5G era. Designed following the NFV principles of SDN, vCache is our offer towards network operators.

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SONC offer
(fixed use cases)
CAMION offer
(mobile use cases)
Cache Gateway offer (network)
MoBcache ✅ ✅(optional)
Cache controller ✅ ✅ ✅
MoBcache Manager ✅ ✅(optional)


Collection of sensor data**(optional)(optional)


* MoBcache is the working name of product under test and patenting phase

** Planned upgrades