MoBcache (MB) is the new product, currently tested and patented by JCP-Connect. MoBcache is providing solutions for the efficient distribution of content in communication networks.

Our product enables natural caching in the devices which contain storage, so called MoBcache. Currently Internet access is providing bandwidth to the customer, but the overall network capacity hardly allows streaming application, especially when multiple streaming applications are started simultaneously.

When the user is on a mobile or nomadic situation, using a smartphone or a tablet, the situation is worse, as 3-4G bandwidth is limited according to the increasing number of users, and wifi coverage, while providing potentially more bandwidth, is limited. Therefore the mobile or nomadic user on the move faces both bandwidth limitation and frequent disconnections.


 The  product solves these issues:

– it optimises the connection capacity when simultaneous applications are run by multiple users

– it caches and synchronises the content offline when the user is disconnected

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 17.43.11

The figure above illustrates the interaction of the MoBcache (MB) with the existing infrastructure and other MoBcache in its environment.  In this particular case, a MoBcache may be connected to the internet via a wifi network, or via another MoBcache. The MoBcache share its cache. This means that if one the users of the MoBcache has accessed particular content (e.g. a video or a webpage) this content is locally available  to others resulting in fast download times and more efficient use of the (paid) link to the internet.

To know more about the product, just contact us, or check out this leaflet:

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