Another exciting application of MoBcache is in metros, bus or train. As the content can be stored or pre-fetched in the MoBcaches located in the train or bus, communication can be improved even when the user has no Internet connection between 2 stations.


Advantages for the operator:

  • Thanks to automatic content storage in the MoBcache, the bandwidth utilized by the user is minimized. This is especially important in streaming sessions, where the bandwidth consumption can be divided by an integer factor. Additionally it can increase significantly revenues for community operators.

Advantages for the content provider:

  • The number of sessions initiated by the user is reduced to the minimum; in case of streaming it can again be divided by an integer factor;
  • CDN infrastructure deployed by the content provider can be minimized, as magic-box are setting up an ad-hoc “mobile CDN”. This leads both to significant cost reduction for the content provider, and better QoE delivered to the user.

Usually several MoBcaches are on site, and they connect automatically into a tree or mesh wireless network without any installation process. Check out details about the custom management system – MoBcache manager. More technical details about the router-server can be found here.

To learn more about the advantages of MoBcache in different industries, download our product presentation.

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