Research & Development

Years of research made in European projects resulted in the establishment of a dedicated R&D department in JCP-Connect. Main direction of research activity within JCP-Connect lies in developing a new paradigm for exchange of content in Future Internet.

The usage of Internet has fundamentally changed since the 70’s. Whereas Internet has been designed to access machines (or servers), nowadays it is principally used to access digital content. In addition, the internet is increasingly used in a mobile context, whereas the architecture was not optimized for this. JCP-Connect is convinced that Content Centric Networking (CCN) provides an answer to these challenges and develops products for efficient mobile content distribution around this technology. As a result, JCP-Connect dedicates its research to these topics, among others: CCN Interfaces for efficient caching in classical networks, Efficient and Adaptive Video Streaming and Disconnection predictor and contextual caching. JCP-Connect’s research is also supported by ongoing European projects, including Social Sensor, COMBO as well as by EIT ICT Labs programme (see a list of our projects here).