Beyond 5g webinar

The Beyond 5G webinar on the BrightTALK aired on the 31st of March with great success – an audience of 350 people watched our invited presenters

The topic for this webinar is the future of telecommunications well beyond the current hype for 5G. A panel of well selected presenters will discuss questions like:
1. What challenges may be insurmountable for 5G? Do they necessitate the appearance of a new paradigm as “6G”?
2. What applications will be the key business drivers for networks beyond 5G?
3. Is “6G” at the intersection of artificial intelligence and 5G? (having the understanding that AI can be used for more than network management and optimization)
4. Can we expect disruption in the business models of the traditional telecom operators

– Werner Mohr (Nokia)
– Josep Jornet (Northeastern University)
– Isabelle Siaud and Anne-Marie Ulmer Moll (Orange)
РMarja Matinmikko-Blue (University of Oulu 6G Flagship)