The proliferation of mobile devices and the development of alternative digital media platforms increase exponentially the consumption of video contents. As a consequence, the demand for connectivity is constantly growing.

NaviConnect is a solution to provide web contents in an environment with limited connexion. It can be used either in a fixed environment (events, venues, public institutions) or in a mobile environment (transports).






Improve experience of users 












Saving costs












Enjoy content of any type 

















Events, venues, public areas

Have you ever attended a conference in a crowded room where 4G would not be available? The wifi network is so slow that you cannot access your favorite social media to share quotes and pics of the speakers you like. Congresses, international trade fairs but also highly frequented public places like airports, train stations or libraries often bring the same inconvenience.

With NaviConnect, hosts and event organizers can provide a better and cheaper wifi coverage and provide useful, talor-made or exclusive contents to visitors.











 Have you ever felt the frustration of being interrupted while watching a video because of a poor network coverage? While travelling in the bus or in the train, it is sadly still very common to be interrupted in your digital activities by a lack of connectivity.

NaviConnect brings a solution: thanks to our exclusive caching technology and a dedicated portal of content, we provide an enhanced travel experience.